"When I look at the company today and reflect on the early years, I am proudly reminded of the visionary and talented people who have shaped Crisp Bros. & Haywards over this time." ~ Guy Peltzer (Managing Director 1989-2003)



History of Crisp Bros.

By June 1948, Gerald and Noel Crisp had expanded the welding and cutting equipment outfit by buying a local spray-painting business. It was not until 1961 that Crisp Bros. Pty Ltd was officially established by Lloyd Scott; a farmer from Somerville, Birralee, Tasmania. He had arranged with Gerald Crisp to swap Somerville for the Wellington Street business of Crisp Bros. with the appropriate cash adjustment. Lloyd firmly believed he was a better estimator/steel fabricator than farmer!

The company operated successfully manufacturing a range of products such as shower screens, blinds, fly-wire & security doors, wrought iron products and steel fabrication. Over the years, the business became increasingly involved in major fabrication projects throughout the state.

By the late 1970’s, Lloyd recognised retirement was looming, but he didn’t have a succession plan in place. In 1979, he facilitated and financed a management buyout - the template of which is still instrumental today. It is an ethos where directors and management believe that, apart from operating with excellent people, the ownership strategy is a significant factor in the success of the company and essentially requires all shareholders to be involved full-time in the management and operation of the company.

The Second World War was drawing to a close when two brothers ventured north from Hobart to purchase their uncle's concrete business in Launceston.

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Crisp Bros 60 Year Anniversary Book

History of Haywards

In 1965 Johns Perry Ltd (then Johns & Waygood Ltd) bought Phoenix Foundry Ltd and its subsidiaries. Johns Perry already had a steel fabrication factory in Hobart, and in 1972 all the Tasmanian operations were renamed Johns Phoenix. Major restructuring and re-naming took place within the Johns Perry group in 1978. The foundry at Franklin Village was renamed Johns Perry Castings. The machine shop in Frankland Street, Launceston and the Hobart steel fabrication works were closed, and the Launceston steel fabrication was combined with the Hayward crane operation to become Johns Perry Hayward. In 1982 Johns Perry Hayward moved to new premises at Western Junction, near Launceston airport.

More than 180 years later, gone are coke furnaces and hand made moulds; replaced by steel and modern computerised technology.

Despite several ownership changes, the Haywards business has a deep sense of history having operated continuously since 1833 when John Williams established a small iron foundry in Launceston, which would become Johns Perry Casting. In recent history, it is most recognised as Johns Perry and Boral Johns Perry Hayward.

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Crisp Bros & Haywards 20 Year Anniversary Book

The Buy-out - Joining Forces

In 1995 the steel fabrication company Boral Johns Perry Hayward placed its Western Junction based operation on the market. Kings Meadows based Crisp Bros. signed a contract to buy Boral Johns Perry Hayward’s plant and equipment.The take-over was fnalised in August, 1995with the new business, Crisp Bros. & Haywards becoming the state’s biggest steel fabrication and construction group. Starting with a workforce of 45 across two locations, with 20 years of continued growth, this has increased to over 250 spread across four locations.To this day, the company has continued to operate under the name Crisp Bros. & Haywards.

When Crisp Bros. bought out Boral Johns Perry Hayward it would set a new direction for the company; now with the capacity to grow the business and take on more challenging and larger construction projects.

IMG 4020


Tahune Air walk Project wins the Australian Institute of Steel Construction Premier Steel construction award


Opening of Wynyard Site

IMG 1730

Opening of new Western Junction Workshop (Plant 2)

Plant 2 & 3

Opening of new Wynyard Workshop

Wynyard PL2

Crisp Bros. expand workshop

Aerial Crisp Bros 10

Crisp Bros. & Haywards win the ASI Steel Fabricators Award for AAMI Park roof.

Stadium 2

Wynyard workshop expanded

Wynyard Workshop 002

Crisp Bros. & Haywards acquire Margate ship building facility

Margate 1

Margate workshop expanded

DJI 0684

New Wynyard workshop constructed

0 Yu F Gf MQ

Western Junction Plant 3 is built

Haywards plant3